Your gift, combined with the $50,000 Challenge Grant, will place Bibles in the hands of twice as many Muslims all over the world.

God’s Word is the only weapon powerful enough to fight the spiritual battle for the Muslim world.

The Scriptures alone have the power to conquer hate with love… darkness with light… despair with hope… and overcome lies with Truth.

So please give to send as many Bibles as you possibly can to the Muslim world today!

Your gift will equip those on the front lines, like young Elyas…

Since fleeing Syria, life has been unspeakably hard for this brave 10-year-old boy. When our coworkers met Elyas recently, they found him attempting to harm himself.

Through the support of friends like you, we were able to offer Elyas a “Book of Hope” – and told him of his preciousness in God’s sight.

“Really?!” responded Elyas in amazement. “Does God really love me?”

Thanks to the $50,000 Challenge Grant, the Bibles you provide will bring love, light, hope, and Truth to twice as many people like Elyas. So thank you for your generosity!